You can find the latest releases and any change logs here.


  • Fix broken logo in README


  • Separated documentation website into its own repository
  • Implemented Github actions for continuous NPM publishing
  • Updated and removed any unused devDependencies


  • Updated README to remove documentation under construction
  • Implemented Algolia search within documentation website
  • ⬆️ Upstream Issue: styled-components throws prop mismatch warnings in development when using a SSR framework


  • Updated README to include imgshield tags
  • Updated README to include package exports documentation link
  • Updated documentation website to include package exports
  • Added e2e tests to include package exports
  • Removed unused exports from library bundle


  • Updated README
  • Moved documentation website to custom domain


  • Registered and published to NPM
  • Added documentation website
  • Added Jest unit testing for library
  • Added Cypress e2e testing for website
  • Integrated with Github actions for library CI
  • Integrated with Vercel for documentation CI
  • ⬆️ Upstream Issue: temporary inlined toHaveStyleRule because of invalid 'sc-' selectors